Smooth Rowing, My Friends!

In this deep and colourful,

sea of human emotions,

every day has something

beautiful to hold

and intense to practice with,

a  consistent check of

intention and attention

is such a canoe,

wish us all:

smooth rowing, my dear friends.

Holding and watching,

holding and walking,

holding and sailing,

smooth rowing my dear friends.

Sifting and watching,

sitting and holding,

smooth rowing my friends.

Lulling and waking,

yawning and preserving,

carrying what we can,

not ordering, not punishing,

not deluging, not arguing,

navigating and holding,

smooth rowing my dear friends.🌻🌷🌿


In Goa, introducing two beautiful friends 🙂                                                                       Image (c)                                                                                                                                                      Sarabsri







Stopping by is all that I know

Watching my presence as I stop, feeling my feet as I walk is all that I know.

The breathing ground under my feet and breathing me in my chest is all that I know.

The breathing presence around me and composed stopped me is all that I know.

Nothing wears me down as long as I know what holds me under and calms me down.

So, stopping by amidst breathing and wavering is all that I know.

This groundedness in vacuity and stillness in wisdom is all that I know.

Stopping by is all that I know.

I rejoice ♥🌻

I noticed that behind inspiring someone, looking deeply into their eyes and offering a hand,I was offering myself incredible bundles of support, inspiration and love.I was offering myself what many a times I couldn’t find the courage to do,I was loving and fulfilling myself.I was moving into present and rejoicing for others,my words were unfolding worlds of joy…who knows what you can achieve just by believing in someone,by baring your heart and bearing your failure.I rejoice in everyone’s happiness and success.I rejoice in all that everyone has,the capacities and wonders.I rejoice in my past, imperfections and losses.I rejoice and honour myself,I celebrate you,me,us and everyone here and everywhere.❤❤♥🌻

Move on! Everything teaches🌻

It makes complete sense to embrace yourself,when you can’t do another thing.A compassionate hug to self is more important than any intellectual probing,let’s not be hard,bent on finding faults,flowing is deeply essential.Move on!Sending loving friendliness to us all❤🌻

Life is the only teacher,look no more!

When you open your presence to life and bow to the mystery of its teachings.When you know nothing is better than what you live, experience and learn from.Connecting deeply to who you are,how you live and how you open with an embrace,that’s all…dear one,that’s all.May we all experience our presence!May we be happy!

In our deep disappointment lies a beginning,a hope and bounties of  happiness.Happy moving!Happy learning! Opening my presence to life, getting unstuck and moving is the mantra to say on.

Sending Loving kindness to everyone in the universe.🌻🌻🌻🌻

Meet the Happy Dog in the picture,the sleep says it all❤